No matter how much we love our trusty Android phones, no phone is perfect and we should expect problems to appear after a year of use. We have listed the most common types of problems below and what you need to do to solve them.

Want a phone battery that will last?

We often leave all of our phones settings on and active, even when we aren’t using them. This explains the drain of many Android batteries. A simple way of stopping this is turning off your location settings and lowering your brightness when it’s not needed. Click here for software solutions.

Some smartphones, such as Apple iPhone and the Samsung Galaxy phones have extra battery saving modes so when your phone enters a certain percentage, it can do everything to help it last. See latest Android deals.

What to do when it all goes wrong?

The thought of our phone’s hurtling towards the floor frightens us as we all know what is to be expected when we pick it back up from the ground. Although screens are designed to withstand any damage, with a strong impact, a result is often a smashed screen and a broken LCD screen.

The most effective way of fixing your phone is through an established repair care team so you know your phone is in safe hands where you’re guaranteed to have a phone that works perfectly. Smartphone repair businesses will be able to fix all types of Androids, including Samsung Galaxy, Nokia Lumia and HTC One. Check out more information.

Quite often they will repair the following:

  • Broken glass
  • LCD replacement
  • Power/lock button
  • Water damage
  • Charging issues/faulty battery

Remember to delete unused data

As our phone fills up with data, our interface begins to slow down. It is important to have a weekly throw out of old pictures, videos and apps that we no longer need or use. Alternatively, if you can’t let go of those loved photos, you can store them a cloud system or microSD card. More information.

Close open apps that you aren’t using and delete app cache as this can take up much space on your phone, even though you may not realise. This can be done in settings. Contact us today for more information.