Cat5 or category 5 is simply an “Ethernet cable”. It was first developed in the early 1990’s as a way of carrying high-speed network connections/communications. Cat5 cabling can also be used to carry other signals such as video and telephony and can do so for up to 100m.

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Cat5 cables are primarily used in offices to connect the computers and telephones to the servers and telephone system.

The Benefits of Cat5…

  1. Speed
  2. Interference reliability
  3. Energy efficient
  4. Latency
  5. Easy to install

Using Your CAT5 Cables Outdoors

For the covering material of CAT5e Cable, a thick PVC jacket is used. The jacket is superior to the ones used on various voice lines that you usually see outside your homes. Standard PVC jacketed CAT5 or CAT5e cables can be conveniently used outdoors.

To avoid any complications, you have to take some considerations into account. Don’t expose the cable to constant sunlight and moisture as it will wear away quickly. In case you have placed it on the ground, ensure that it resides in a place where it’s not regularly stepped on or run over by vehicles and heavy equipment.

Some companies offer outdoor rated CAT5 and CAT5e cables which are resistant to sunlight, moisture, foot traffic and others.